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At Transitions Counseling and Consulting, we take pride in offering exceptional counseling internships.  As with our approach to clinical services, we believe it’s important to offer this specialized training in more communities in order to increase access to care. You can train with our team – and prepare for a counseling career – in Phoenix, Goodyear, Mesa, Tucson Oro Valley, and Glendale, Arizona. 

Our counseling internship is designed to guide diverse interns in building the skills that form the foundation of a lifetime of effective practice. In fact, 95% of our interns have successfully become licensed professionals, reflecting the effectiveness of our program.

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Shaping the Future of Counseling

At Transitions Counseling and Consulting, interns engage in both individual and group counseling sessions, allowing them to gain valuable practical experience in a range of therapeutic settings. 

Program supervisors have completed additional training in supervision and they represent every field of study from across the social sciences including counseling, marriage and family therapy, social work, and psychology. We also sponsor a monthly specialty training seminar designed to promote skill development for our interns. 

Training is a cornerstone of our values and we’re dedicated to shaping the future of counseling through our internship program.

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