Virtual IOP for Teens

Experience exceptional mental health treatment with the dedicated and skilled team at Transitions Counseling and Consulting. 

Our accredited outpatient services include a full range of treatment options for children, teens, and adults, ensuring you can receive continuous care from the same compassionate team as your needs change.

virtual iop for teens

Advantages of a Virtual IOP for Teens

Easily Accessible

Virtual intensive outpatient programs, or virtual IOPs, offer benefits for people in areas without in-person IOP treatment choices. Virtual IOPs for teens also provide a convenient solution for families facing transportation challenges or for parents juggling busy schedules.


Our virtual IOP for teens offers flexibility since it can be accessed from home using a laptop or phone, and at a convenient time after school. If the virtual option isn’t enough, we can switch your teen to an in-person group at one of our many nearby office locations.

Secure Virtual Sessions

At our virtual teen IOP, we prioritize security to ensure your teen’s safety during online sessions. We use software that meets healthcare security standards, keeping your information safe.

Consistent Support

Teens receive consistent support from a clinician who’s experienced in helping teens with mental health challenges. By participating in a virtual IOP, teens gain a sense of belonging and support from peers while practicing DBT skills in a safe and support environment.

Virtual IOP for Teens: The Basics

In our virtual IOP for teens, we begin with an initial appointment and utilize gold-standard assessments to understand your teen’s treatment needs and goals. Over 12 weeks, we meet for therapy three times weekly after school. Your teen engages in group therapy sessions alongside peers, while parents can join our dedicated parent support group. We impart essential skills to your teen and incorporate various activities to keep them engaged while addressing underlying mental health concerns. Prior to graduation, we collaborate on planning their ongoing journey toward lasting mental health improvement.

Mental Health Levels-of-Care at Transitions

A virtual IOP for teens falls between traditional outpatient therapy and more intensive levels of care such as a partial hospitalization program (PHP). It provides a higher level of support and structure compared to outpatient therapy, but requires less time than a PHP, making it suitable for individuals who require more intensive treatment but do not require daily group sessions. Transitions Counseling provides the entire continuum of outpatient mental healthcare for teens.

Virtual IOP for Teens Treatment Features

  • Convenient, online sessions
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Expressive art therapy
  • Family therapy and involvement
  • Access to parent support group
  • Evidence-based assessments to guide treatment
  • Referral access to in-house, experienced psychiatry providers
  • Easily transition to other levels of supportive care as your needs change

Virtual IOP for Teens FAQs

Clients choose our virtual IOP for teens primarily for its convenience, coupled with the same high-quality care as our in-person programs. Many teens and their families find it easier to fit into their busy schedules, especially for those with commitments in the late afternoon or early evening. Additionally, some opt for the virtual option if they’re facing temporary transportation issues.

Our virtual IOP stands out for several reasons!

  1. We are voluntarily accredited by The Joint Commission, ensuring high-quality care and quality improvement.
  2. We’ve developed our own effective IOP curriculum focused on delivering results. 
  3. We bring years of experience supporting teens with mental health challenges. Led by mental health professionals, our company maintains a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional mental health services.
  4. Additionally, we have deep roots in Arizona, having provided IOPs long before many others, and we have strong relationships with trusted hospitals, therapists, and psychiatry providers. 
  5. Lastly, many referrals come from families and friends of those we’ve successfully treated in our programs, highlighting the trust and satisfaction they’ve experienced with us.

The difference between going to an in-person and virtual IOP for teens is mostly about how you join the sessions. In-person means going to a place for therapy, while virtual means participating in the IOP online, which can be easier for some teens. Both use our customized and accredited IOP program, but virtual sessions offer more convenience and are preferred by some teens because they can join from home. 

If your teen prefers in-person options, we’ve got you covered! While our virtual group therapy sessions are engaging and use the same helpful IOP curriculum, Transitions Counseling also offers in-person adolescent IOP programs at multiple convenient office locations. So, whether your teen prefers virtual or in-person sessions, they’ll receive the same results-driven treatment to help them thrive.

In our experience, many insurance plans pay for virtual IOPs for teens when it is justified by the teen’s symptoms and the appropriate level-of-care recommendation is made using gold-standard assessments. To improve access-to-care, we are in-network with most insurance plans and offer transparent, flexible payment options if you are out-of-network. Before your first visit, we perform an insurance benefits check to give you peace of mind. Our team also works with your insurance to get the necessary authorizations for care when applicable. For insurance-related questions, it’s best to contact your specific insurance plan for guidance.

How We Can Help You

We tailor treatment to fit your unique needs. Our team offers the full continuum of outpatient therapy services for the whole family. This means you can work with the same team as your treatment needs change over time.