Let us help you create the best version of yourself possible. Our goal is to ensure your safety and comfort while building a trusting and collaborative alliance. Your voice will always play an active role in your treatment plan. In addition to integrating the most current research into our practice methods, we are committed to helping you reach your goals.

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Psychiatry Evaluations

Psychiatry evaluations are conducted by psychiatrists, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNP), and physician assistants (PA) to help assess your mental health and make recommendations for treatment. These evaluations usually involve asking about your psychiatric history, doing a mental status examination, giving or ordering tests, making a diagnosis, and developing a treatment plan. Medications may also be prescribed if appropriate. Psychiatry evaluations typically involve an interview with you, as well as with family members or friends who can provide insight into your mental state.

Medication Management

Psychiatric medications are an important part of treatment for many mental health needs. Medications can help to reduce symptoms, improve functioning, improve quality of life, and prevent relapse. However, psychiatric medications can also have side effects, and it is essential to work with a psychiatrist, PMHNP, or PA to develop a medication management treatment plan. This may include regular appointments, blood tests, making changes to the medication, monitoring for side effects, or taking other steps to ensure safety. If you’ve been prescribed a psychiatric medication, it’s important to have regular medication management appointments.


Telepsychiatry, telehealth, and telemedicine are all terms used to describe the practice of medicine using telecommunication technologies. This type of appointment is becoming increasingly popular as it offers a convenient and accessible way to receive mental health care. During a telepsychiatry appointment, you can receive a variety of services including psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and individual therapy. These appointments are conducted using video software, which allows patients to connect with their provider from the comfort of their own home. Online prescriptions can be sent directly to your pharmacy. Telepsychiatry appointments offer a convenient way to receive mental health care.

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How We Can Help You

We tailor treatment to fit your unique needs. Our team offers the full continuum of outpatient therapy services for the whole family. This means you can work with the same team as your treatment needs change over time.