Relationship Challenges

Let us help you create the best version of yourself possible. Our goal is to ensure your safety and comfort while building a trusting and collaborative alliance. Your voice will always play an active role in your treatment plan. In addition to integrating the most current research into our practice methods, we are committed to helping you reach your goals.

couple holding hands

Relationship counseling is a type of treatment used to improve the quality of an important relationship. Our relationship counseling focuses on helping clients address or resolve relationship issues in individual therapy or group therapy settings. This type of therapy generally deals with identifying and/or addressing specific issues within a relationship. At Transitions Counseling, relationship counseling can be conducted on its own, or as part of our integrative mental health treatment program.

Relationship counseling offers many benefits to all participants, including:

  • Improved communication between partners or family members
  • Greater understanding and empathy for your partner’s or family member’s feelings
  • Better conflict resolution and management skills
  • A greater sense of closeness and unity in the relationship
  • The relationship becomes less stressful overall, which can also reduce anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Some research has shown that relationship counseling can improve self-esteem in individuals
  • A stronger sense of self-efficacy, or the belief that you have control over your own life and future
  • New ways to show love and affection to one another
  • Greater respect for each other’s personal growth and independence
  • A greater sense of trust between partners or family members

How We Can Help You

We tailor treatment to fit your unique needs. Our team offers the full continuum of outpatient therapy services for the whole family. This means you can work with the same team as your treatment needs change over time.